21 things you may not know about Visorcat

  1. The name ‘Visorcat’ was partially inspired by the way cats wash their faces, and by cats’ association with road safety (cats’ eyes). But it was nearly called Visortech …
  2. It’s a visor wash/wipe for the motorcyclist. Visorcat provides freedom and enjoyment, by enabling maximum vision in all conditions.
  3. It’s patented. The clever bit is the flap, which automatically opens when Visorcat is wiped across the visor, so that you can wash the visor with a wet sponge.
  4. It’s nearly as clever as Einstein. It works by capillary action (wicking) which was first studied by Einstein, and is how trees gain their sustenance. It’s also how the Visorcat sponge stays wet, as long as there is a source of moisture in the Visorcat ‘tank’.
  5. It’s proudly British. It’s assembled in Scotland from British parts.
  6. It’s Yorkshire (and Scottish): Yorkshireman Alan Boulton came up with the concept while riding his Honda Fireblade, and it was Glasgow product design agency Fearsome whose development work enabled Visorcat to be patented.
  7. It’s award-winning. Before launch, the Visorcat concept won a £10,000 business award from the Scottish Government, and IAM RoadSmart gave it their ‘IAM Likes’ accolade for road safety initiatives.
  8. It uses green energy. Visorcat needs no power other than capillary action – and the motorcyclist’s hand movement.
  9. It’s for life – not just for Christmas. Visorcat carries an unlimited mileage, lifetime warranty.
  10. It’s the motorcyclist’s secret weapon against anything that lands on the visor.
  11. It’s high-mileage. One Visorcat has covered 150,000 miles. The sponges don’t last that long, but we’re aware of one that lasted 10,000 miles.
  12. It’s legal. But Visorcat has been tested by police at illegal speeds. Don’t tell the cops …
  13. It’s world-beating. It’s been used by riders all over the world. Endurance rider and world record-holder Nick Sanders used one on his 11,000 mile trip from Wales to Mongolia and back, and Overland Magazine tested one in South Africa, but it’s also been used in Australia, the US, and across Europe.
  14. It’s all-season. In the summer, Visorcat is an effective fly-swatter, clearing suicidal insects from the rider’s line of sight. In the winter it washes away road salt. It’s also been known to remove seagull deposits, soot from a smoking exhaust, and snow, as well as the more usual road spray and, of course, rain.
  15. It’s left-handed, for all riders. Visorcat is designed to be worn over the left-hand glove only, because this is usually the clutch hand. However, the YouTuber known as The Missenden Flyer used it on his right-hand glove to start with. (Please don’t do this!)
  16. It’s tried and tested. Before Visorcat was launched, it was tested by motorcyclist members of IAM RoadSmart in Scotland. Since then it’s been reviewed by motorcycle journalists and bloggers, as well as customers of course.
  17. It’s been on TV. Visorcat was featured on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2014 – and survived! We didn’t get the money but we did have some fun (and Visorcat sold out soon after!)
  18. Every Visorcat is lab tested before it’s packed. (Before they’re finished and tested, they’re known as Visorkittens).
  19. The first Visorcat prototype was made from a bicycle inner tube, a piece of car cleaning sponge and part of a windscreen wiper.
  20. The first road testable prototype, which was a one-off costing thousands of pounds, ended up in a rubbish bin when the postie decided to leave it in a ‘safe place’. Good job it wasn’t bin collection day.
  21. Visorcat is appreciated by blood bikers, those hardy volunteer motorcyclists who deliver blood and other urgent items free of charge for the NHS around the clock. And we appreciate blood bikers!