Dave Yorke @TheDriveRide
"The first time you wipe your visor and … Wow !"
"Been using @visorcat every day for over 3yrs now, awesome bit of kit"
Liana Romaniuk
Scottish Motorcycle Show customer, Midlothian
"Visorcat probably saved my life when I was commuting 60 miles up and down the A7 every day. The road was incredibly dirty, and visibility used to seriously drop on bad days. Visorcat just cut through it, the first time I used it was a revelation. It is genius, the filth that was on the A7 was weirdly greasy, so wiping it with a dry blade only made it worse. It’s the wet-dry of Visorcat that makes it so effective"
Dave Jennings
"One of the best bits of bike gear I've ever bought"
Chris Golds
"Used a Visorcat for the first time last night. Absolutely brilliant.!! Took a few miles to get used to it but wow. Almost like having windscreen wipers. Highly recommended!!!! Available from @visorcat @RnGRacing"
Mike Lowe
"Brilliant piece of equipment no biker should be without"
"Only got mine recently, Father Christmas must've got my letter, finally got to use it in anger today, bloody brilliant! And a very satisfying "eeeecchh" as you wipe the visor :)"
Benjamin Martley
"I can no longer ride without it. Shout out to @TeaPotOne Thank you"
Jonathan Mahiques-Pearce
"Hands down (across?) the best motorbike related accessory you can buy."
John Howard
"Just back from a winter ride, and the Visorcat just makes sense. When it's wet you can wipe -when it's dried on salt and road grime , what else could do the job."
Amazon (US) customer
"I think the company that makes this is in Scotland where they get lots of rain. I've been using this for a year now. It's very well made. Looks and feels like good quality. You don't even notice it's there when you're wearing it. I think it's a game changer. There's nothing I've seen like it in the motto market. It's perfect for touring, for washing bugs off or when it rains. It's perfect for washing off dirt and mud for trail riding. I'm surprised this wasn't invented earlier. Just swipe left to wash, then swipe right to wipe. Its that easy."
Kerry Walker
"Got one last year for a trip to Austria on the bike absolutely amazing in the rain (could always do with a spare 😬)"
Steve Stav Park
"I rode over 700 miles in one day from France in the rain and I couldn't have done it without visorcat"
John Allsopp
MD 1066 Motorcycle Tours
"Seriously one of the best things I've ever had for all-weather riding"
Waving Biker
"The Visorcat has to be an addition to anyone who rides throughout the year! In these days of wet and dirty roads, it is more than worth it’s money! It has literally changed my biking life for the better! Thanks to Motorcycle Essentials Ltd for stocking these brilliant products! Get yours! (It’s the #Dab of biking! 🤣) "
John Baxter
Chairman, Blood Bikes Scotland
"Blood Bikes shift yesterday then a presentation at Forth Valley IAM. Riding home on the M9, some pretty atrocious conditions, overtake lorry, loads of spray - there is something very assuring about having a Visorcat. One wipe and your vision is clear. Great job Jill Visorcat & team!"
Paul Collyer, Telford
Shropshire, Staffordshore and Cheshire Blood Bikes
"Well, the Gospel Pass was mucky today, mud, horse dung and all sorts. Sat behind a van for a fair while and got caked in it, but was the ideal opportunity to test out the amazing Visorcat that I was lucky enough to win recently. What an amazing piece of kit...does exactly what it claims and is very easy to use. Can't recommend it enough."
Neil Powers
Chairman, North East Volunteers Scotland
"Best invention ever!" #blood #bikes
Dave Yorke @TheDriveRide
“Well, it works. With the motorway full of salt and lots of spray coming from cars and trucks I was able to wipe the visor clean. It’s obviously not polish clean but I was genuinely surprised when I wiped the visor as to how much grime it removed. It’s staying on my glove."
“I've been using the @visorcat for a week now. It's incredible, you don't realise how much of your vision is blocked by road salt, rain or mud until you use this! Even just using the 'blade' and not the sponge it removes all that crap from your visor. Top marks!"
Nigel Williams
“Absolutely amazing bit of kit. Used for first time today and worked brilliantly. Rain or road spray just swish swish and the visor is clean. An accessory that actually does what it says does. Highly recommended."
Lisa Box
Blood Biker, Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes
“Just like to say a massive thank you .... I purchased this in the new year and yesterday was the first time I’ve used it.... wow where has this been all my riding life... it worked a dream on my visor in the poor conditions I rode back in... I would highly recommend this product to anyone who rides 🏍 ❤"
Tim Strickland
“I have been using my visorcat for about 6 weeks now, which is about 3000 miles for me, so I thought I would drop you a line with some feedback. I am usually skeptical about gadgets, so it's been a real pleasure to find out that it simply works exactly as it is supposed to. I would say it is as significant a safety innovation as Pinlock inserts. I do have one complaint, however. Why could you not have invented it 30 years ago? Many thanks for your efforts in bringing this to market. I am certain that you will have saved lives with it. I wish you every success."
Simon Battram
IAM Rider, Grimsby
“I do not ride now without it over my glove. Even on my way to work, VISORCAT is ready when required to assist in keeping me safe. Every rider should have one. You do not realise how good it is, until you try it out. Don't think about it, just do it now. You will not see clearly until you use VISORCAT. Even on a dry day, dust and flies obscure your vision. VISORCAT is not like a blade to smear what is on your visor, it loosens it in the first move, then wipes it away on the return sweep!!! BRILLIANT, JUST BRILLIANT I have found out why VISORCAT is endorsed by the IAM, Institute of Advance Motorcyclists. The next best thing to your visor is VISORCAT!! Go on, treat yourself, you will not regret it. 2 year unlimited mileage warranty is standard."
Jonny Hough
Staysafe Advanced Motorcycle Training, Manchester,
“An absolutely superb piece of safety equipment, I used mine for the first time over the weekend while I was training. It's a must for every motorcyclist. It provides a simple but extremely effective method of cleaning your visor while on the move. The beauty of Visorcat is it damps the grime, road dirt etc before you wipe it all away thus preventing any damage to your visor. I’ve been using Visorcat for training and no issues whatsoever even when using the PTT ( push to talk ) and other controls on the bike. It’s well made you don’t know it’s on your hand until you require it , but the most important thing about Visorcat it actually “ WORKS “ . It’s a 10/10 from myself and Staysafe Advanced Motorcycling will continue to use it ...Highly recommend."
Niall Finlay
“I bought Visorcat after being splashed with grit soiled water while passing a lorry at speed. Without Visorcat I could not clear my visor effectively and had to stop. I was lucky that there was a lay-by near and that I could see enough to get there. I bought Visorcat soon after that incident, and I can now clear my visor and continue my journey without the fear of being blinded by the splash of other vehicles. I consider your product a life saver. "
S Bartlett
Amazon customer
“This is an amazing bit of kit. Sits on your glove minding its own business so you don't even know it’s there until you need it to get that dirt that lorry just spat at you off so you can see again. Many times on my 20 mile commute in the winter I've needed to pull off the dual carriageway because of road dirt. Not any more. A couple of wipes with this and you have a clean clear visor again. Understand its great on summer flies too but not had the chance to try that yet. Never want to be without this. A must have for all riders in my opinion and worth every penny."
eBay customer
“This has got to be one of the best inventions since the wheel. Fits on my winter gloves with no problems. I still have full use of all the controls on the bike. Swipe right for the sponge and left for the wiper. Job done. This is a must-have bit of kit. Cheers guys!"
Martyn Williams
Amazon customer
“Really good bit of kit, easy to fit and use, the cleaner part works better if primed first. Has made commuting far easier."
eBay customer
“This is a great concept and highly recommended, it works well as described and I find it simple and interesting to use. Don’t have to unzip tank bag to clean my visor. Thanks a lot for the great concept."
Ferral Cat
Amazon customer
“I found it takes a little while to adjust to and find the sweet spot for wiping but once you do the improvement in visibility it gives (through the worst of a claggy wet, Scottish winter) is superb. I forgot it one wet, windy rainy day and did not have a good time getting home in the dark. For me this is an essential and well worth spending the money on - you can't put a price on having good visibility. I think the one star review is somewhat harsh though I do agree that it is a little large if you have medium hands. In my case the reservoir likes to hide in my sleeve and its almost wrapped round my hand but it still wipes me visor. The sponge in mine ripped as well and when I contacted visorcat to get replacements they couldn't be more helpful.”"
Norman Nippy
Amazon customer
“I'm going to give this 5 stars because it is very good ,there's nothing like it & it's a simple workable solution to a difficult problem that nobody else has really come so close to solving"
Chris Hood
“I had the bike out in some 'filthy' weather. Lorries kicking up spray, muddy sludgy back lanes etc. Visorcat worked a treat. What a great product! Simple and intuitive to use and brilliantly effective too! Comfy to wear, don't even realise it's there. Visorcat - first class product"
Geoff Hill
Motorcycling Correspondent Daily Mirror
“I have now entered the 21st Century thanks to the Visorcat, a clever little device which fits snugly to your glove and which contains a cleaning fluid reservoir linked to a sponge, and twin wiper blades. Wipe one way to clean with the damp sponge, wipe the other way with the blades to clear the moisture or rain. Approved by leading safety agencies, it’s simple and it works!"
Nigel White
Dorchester, Dorset
“I have been using the Cat for a week or so and am really impressed with it. Clears the bugs well and in the rain is useful to wipe water too. Thought it may have been too bulky but it fits on the glove well and you hardly notice it's there. I ride every day in all weather so the Cat is shaping up to be really useful"
Andrew Richardson, BMW R1200RS rider
Realsafe Technologies Ltd, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
"I first started using the Visorcat system earlier in the year during the run-up to my Land's End to John O’Groats road trip. Since then it has continued to give me thousands of miles of clear vision riding, even with the original sponge! It’s a cracking little invention and one that I never leave the house without."
David McCutcheon
Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcyclists
"I've probably done 50,000 miles with it ... it's been out in all weathers and as far as Romania. It came in really handy in the snow and has been up to 42c no problem. The new one is excellent and holds the liquid so far for a long time. Fit is excellent and does not get in the way of the hand. I wear it virtually non-stop."
Carl Calvert
RoADAR Advanced Dip and IAM First
"Arrived at Le Havre: fog. Visorcat kept the 'brouillard' at bay. Sun came out, so did small insects. Visorcat gave them the brush-off. Sporadic outbursts; another clean sweep from Visorcat. 250 miles in 5.5 hours through France. Why am I pleased with Visorcat? Because it works, and the biggest contribution to accidents is not seeing where you are going: so full marks Visorcat! "
Jim Bettley
National Social Secretary, The BMW Club
"I used my Visorcat on my ride home from Kelso to Southampton in all sorts of changing weather and it worked a treat"
Motorcycle Monthly
"A great idea that really does work"
Daily Record
"The Visorcat was easy to fit and unobtrusive to wear. Drizzle caused the visor to become dirty from spray off the cars in front. The wiper blades cleaned the visor perfectly. Later, the visor collected a lot of insects. I used the sponge followed by the wiper, which again cleaned the visor perfectly. This is an excellent piece of kit."
Niall Mackenzie
Three times British Superbikes Champion
"I had a run out last week at Donington which I thought would be a good test now summer is well and truly here. I thought the Visorcat could work well on a track day as you quite often get splatted on your first lap of your session then spend twenty minutes not being able to see properly. Coming in obviously wastes time so your twenty minutes of track time can be chopped in half. I found the Visorcat easy to fit, doubling up the finger strap, and although the bugs were not too bad I found it effective and easy to use as I tested it throughout the day. I replenished it every third session but I was using it more than necessary. All in all I found it unobtrusive and very useful so hope you are getting similar feedback from other testers. I'll definitely take it on any road runs this summer."
British Dealer News
"Tried your Visorcat at the weekend (properly fitted!). Set off at quite a pace and, not being used to the device, thought I’d probably not use it. Too busy concentrating on the road. Almost straight away my visor was splatted by a juicy bug, right in the line of sight, so I was so forced to try out the Visorcat, and pleased I did. Made a real difference."
John Mitchell
Chairman, Motorcycle Action Group
"There are no senses when aboard a motorcycle more important than vision so £30 on one of these could turn out to be the best £30 you ever spent"
Dave Price
Radio presenter
"I think it's the best invention I have seen for years and will greatly improve motorcycle enjoyment and safety."
Rennie Ritchie
Former Staff Examiner, IAM
"The Visorcat is an essential and something I've come to rely on ... it provides the rider with better vision, which of course leads to greater safety."
Tom Duncan
Chairman, BMF Scotland/IAM member
"If you ride a motorcycle you need a Visorcat. The device is excellent for removing road grime when used with the solution that Visorcat supply ... in the last few days it has been getting warmer and the bugs are out. The device actually clears the bugs off the visor as well.I wanted a visor cleaner that just worked while I ride and it's now here. At £30 the Visorcat is cheap and there is now no excuse for any rider not to have a clean visor while they are riding.”
Sam Manicom
Motorcycle travel author
"I’m chuffed with the thing. It’s a gizmo which at first looks rather cumbersome! It fits over your left glove and I thought it’d get in the way, snag things and generally be uncomfortable. Far from it. A small fluid reservoir fits on top of the hand. That leads to a wiper and sponge which sit nicely on the right edge of your glove. Its aim is to clean your visor as you ride. Summing up - it works very well. The time I’ve used the sponge aspect the most is on those cruddy road days when the surface is damp enough for cars to fling muck up at your visor, but there’s not enough moisture to wick the gunk away. A couple of swoops of the sponge and then a swipe with the wiper and you have clear views again. So much better than a damp road grimed glove and I suspect that I’m doing far less damage to my visor. Bonus both ways. Am I happy with it? Yep! Nice design. Like it!"
Bob Crawley
Kelso: Scotland / IAM
“For the great majority of the time riding through the normal UK crud, rain, wet roads, grime, salt, Visorcat does its job admirably. It does what it is supposed to, it keeps your visor clean! The Visorcat is growing on me to the extent that I would not now go out without it ... I am now up to 37,000 miles with the Cat attached. It's been all over the UK in all weathers and has worked very well. Even gave it a look at Romania last summer on an extended European tour. Those around me on a regular biking basis can vouch for my continual and appreciative use of your product. It is still in good nick given its use"
Laurence Gough
"I think the Visorcat is amazing - easily one of the best motorcycle accessories, well along with the Pinlock system... the design is a masterpiece. It works amazing with all kinds of crud and grit which gloves etc just make worse, and Vee wipes can't deal with. I feel that it should almost be a legal requirement the difference is so much. And it's not just winter either, you can use it in the summer as well for bugs.... it's all year useful!! Thanks very much for the great product!"
Richard De La Salle
"Thanks for a brilliant product, makes riding in rain and glup almost fun again ... well worth it and would highly recommend"
Don Pierce
Holt, Norfolk
"First of all a huge THANK YOU for including an additional bottle of visor cleaning fluid complete with Christmas label. That was a very nice touch.Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but I was waiting for the right weather conditions to try out the Visorcat. Yesterday was just perfect. Occasional rain, lots of spray including grit & salt. The Visorcat dealt with it all beautifully and without any need to stop or even slow down. It was a little bit awkward to use at first but once I got the technique right it was perfection. I found that it worked best with the elastic loop around the base of my index finger. I was not aware of it being there and there was no interference with operation of the clutch or the various switches.There were no problems putting the gloves on or taking them off, so this is one very happy customer.Regards and a very happy Christmas."
Overland Magazine
"It’s a godsend when the bugs start spreading their innards across your field of vision."
"By removing dirt before it dries and hardens, this nifty little gadget also makes it a lot easier to give your visor a thorough clean when you get home. When I first tried the Visorcat I didn't think I'd be leaving it on my glove permanently, but now I've got used to wearing and using it, I'm allowing it to stay put."
Adventure Bike Rider
"If there's one thing I hate when I'm riding it's a visor covered in crap impairing my vision. Why is it that when kamikaze bugs decide to end it all, they so do right in my eye line? ...A simple visor wipe fixed into a glove doesn't always do the trick. That's why I like the Visorcat."
Robert S Cook
"Just a quick e-mail to say thank you. I asked if you could get a replacement Visorcat sent to me asap and you did just that. I’m off on Monday to go right around the coast of our wonderful Scotland … I feel so much better knowing I have my Visorcat with me. Some lucky sod got my old one I lost in Moffat - hope it’s put to good use and keeps them as safe as it has me!"
Sharon Airey
"Good purchase and one of the most useful tools ever"
Paul Crossan
Charity fundraiser
"If you ride in bad weather, this is a must - goodbye dirt! I know this will make a difference to my riding! No more smearing dirt over your visor and almost blinding you! This is a product that I’ve wished for so many times and now it’s here."
Fiona Robertson
The Green Welly, Tyndrum, Scotland.
"My Visorcat was a total godsend today - considering the crap I rode on today, it was just amazing. Well worth the money, and so simple to use. Sponge needs a wash now - off I trot to see how to remove it ..."
Fraser Quin
Observer, Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcyclists, after the end of his Visorcat test period
"I was at the Jedburgh Race for Reivers event this morning. Weather at 8am was atrocious, 1cm of snow for 20 miles, very scary. Also, very mucky - and all I could think about on the way was I need a Visorcat, I can’t see a thing!"

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