Why do I need a Visorcat?

If you have ever had your view of the road obscured by dirt, flies, mud, spray from other vehicles, road salt or even soot, you need one! No doubt you already use your left hand as a wiping device – the Visorcat transforms your left hand into a washing and wiping device. But don’t take our word for it. Rennie Ritchie, of IAM RoadSmart said: “It gives greater visibility and hence greater safety.” Colin Overland, the editor of RiDE magazine, said he was “surprised at how well it works".

Is it easy to use?

Yes. It’s intuitive to use and simply engineered – there are no buttons to press. See the video on our Home page for a demonstration.

How heavy is it?

Visorcat weighs just 65g (dry weight) and only 80g when fully loaded, and is very flexible and soft. So you won't know you're wearing it – but you'll be glad you are, when you need it.

What’s it made of?

The main parts are made of injection-moulded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which feels like a soft rubber. The sponge is a natural cellulose sponge.

Will it harm my visor?

No, because it is made of soft pliable material that is designed to apply moisture to your visor, reducing the risk of scratching. The sponge is soft, highly absorbent and very good at cleaning! However, it is important to rinse it out regularly – just pull the sponge 'tray' out to remove. The visor cleaning fluid we sell is supplied to us by Shift-It, which is recommended by helmet manufacturers including Arai because it contains no harmful ingredients such as salt. Some customers have said Visorcat prolongs the life of their visor because it reduces scratches.

Why isn’t Visorcat CE marked?

CE marking means that the product complies with the requirements of a specific European Directive. There are many such Directives, covering most products, so we are used to seeing the marking on products or their packaging. However there is no Directive that applies to what Visorcat is or does! Therefore we cannot mark it with the CE mark (in fact this is expressly forbidden). There is a requirement that any product must meet the General Requirements for Product Safety; we have performed rigorous risk assessment and testing to ensure that the product, used as described, will not adversely affect the safety of a motorcyclist.

Will it be suitable for my gloves/visor/helmet?

Visorcat has been tested on all sizes of hand (women’s to XXL men’s), summer and winter gloves and on many different visors and helmets. The Visorcat is not compatible with peaked (motocross-style) helmets. We do offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase. See our terms and conditions for more information.


An MCN reviewer said it interfered with his switchgear. Will it interfere with my motorcycle switchgear?

If the Visorcat is mounted in the correct position on the glove it should never be an issue, which is why it is important to read the instructions before use. Also, as the Visorcat is manufactured from a soft and pliable (rubberlike) elastomer, it tends to bend easily out of the way of anything it does come into contact with. We already have plenty of satisfied customers who tend to find once they attach a Visorcat, they forget it's there – until they need it!

However, we do offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase.

Do you sell outside the EU?

If you live outside the EU but in Europe, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. We do not yet sell outside Europe.

I want to buy but hate online shopping - how can I buy a Visorcat?

Send an email to [email protected] with details of your order. Or you can call us on 07920 145706.

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What cleaning fluid can I use in the Visorcat?

We only recommend the use of Visorcat cleaning fluid, which is supplied to us by Shift-It, or water.

What happens when the sponge gets dirty / wears out?

The sponge can be removed by pulling on the slot at the end of the sponge 'tray' using a key or your fingernail, and then it can be rinsed in clean warm water. Replace by sliding it back in place. It is advisable to rinse the sponge at the end of every ride. You can purchase replacement sponges from our shop.

Where can I buy Visorcat in the shops?

Visorcat is launching into UK retail in 2017. If you are a distributor, agent or retailer and are interested in Visorcat, please email [email protected]

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