What’s in a headline? Your bottom line.

What’s in a headline? Your bottom line.

“I have no style, I’m a banker”, by John Kyriakou

Book review by Jill Boulton

So you think winning business is all about clicks, likes and videos?

You’ll think differently when you’ve worked through the exercises in this coursebook, which challenges the small business owner to scrutinise the very roots of their enterprise and write it down in a few very well crafted words.

And then rewrite and edit and edit, until you have a fantastic story. It’s your business’s story that endures, not a few likes or a great video – unless you have the right words to go with it, of course. But which words to choose?

Kyriakou argues that you can’t put the words to the video (or website, social media post, email, brochure, ad, report, presentation … you name it) until you’ve written your brand story, and worked through another few crucial steps so that you can write about your business consistently and confidently every time.

I love the fact that Kyriakou has deliberately not used any imagery in this course book – it’s ‘just’ some (very well chosen) words, and inspiring use of space and typography. Kyriakou draws on his decades of experience as an award-winning creative director, who’s worked all over the world on blue-chip accounts, coaching the business owner into how to get it right – and demonstrating how even long-established worldwide companies can so easily get it wrong.

Whatever stage you’re at with your business, take some time out with a cup of coffee or three, a pencil, your creative mind, and this course book. Your brain will be stretched by the challenge, and your business’s bottom line will benefit. Because business is about people, not data, and businesses need to know how to communicate with them. This course leads you down the right path.

“I have no style, I’m a banker” by John Kyriakou is published by Amazon:

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