Visorcat Streetfighter – British made, free UK delivery and LIFETIME WARRANTY

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“If you ride a motorcycle you need a Visorcat” British Motorcyclists’ Federation (BMF)

NEW! Streetfighter edition of Visorcat. Please note: this is the same as the standard Visorcat but comes with minimal packaging and no fluid (fill the supplied 50ml pocket bottle with your own gentle visor wash and/or water). Only available from this website.

Improve your vision, confidence and safety all year round while you ride! This ground-breaking product enables you to WASH your visor while on the bike.

Unique wash/wipe action that’s incredibly easy to use: 1. Fill the tank. 2. Wash by moving Visorcat across your visor one way. 3. Wipe the residue away by moving Visorcat across your visor in the other direction. The result is 100% clear vision in all conditions.

Keep the sponge clean by rinsing it out regularly with warm water; replace the sponge when it wears out. Ideal for touring and commuting – and a great gift for motorcyclists. Comes with a lifetime unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty (covers all aspects of the product except the sponge, which is a consumable item and will eventually wear out).

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  • Streetfighter edition – minimal packaging. Fill the 50ml pocket bottle with your choice of fluid (we recommend water and/or a gentle non-foaming visor wash such as Shift-It).
  • LIFETIME unlimited mileage warranty – buy with confidence!
  • Unique wash/wipe function improves your view in all conditions – and could save your life
  • Award-winning, patented British design
  • Wash road dirt from your visor before it has a chance to dry
  • Washes away road salt, flies, dust, spray from other vehicles, even soot from exhausts
  • Durable but soft, pliable and lightweight (65g dry, 80g filled)
  • Made of soft, flexible rubbery material (TPE) which is harmless to you and your visor
  • Tested and endorsed by advanced riders
  • Recommended by MAG, BMF and IAM RoadSmart (awarded ‘IAM Likes’ road safety accolade)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Perfect for touring, commuting, all-season riding
  • Designed to be used with a standard full-face  helmet; can be used with peaked/off-road styles too
  • One size fits women’s M to men’s XXL
  • User guide included
  • UK post-free

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