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See better, ride safer

‘Visorcat provides better vision, which leads to greater safety’

 … said a senior member of road safety organisation IAM RoadSmart when he reviewed Visorcat, which led to an ‘IAM Likes’ road safety accolade. Visorcat allows you to wash as well as wipe the visor while you ride, providing clear vision in all conditions, all seasons. Clear flies, dust and dirt in summer, road spray, salt, in winter and general road grime all year round. See better, ride safer.


Watch it in action

Watch REALRIDER Andrew Richardson’s review of Visorcat – he used it on his trip from Land’s End to John o’Groats last year and now he won’t part with it!



Fill the tank with Visorcat wash, or water. You can top up when you stop for fuel.


PATENTED FEATURE! When you move Visorcat across your visor, the curved edge of the sponge guard opens the flap, so you can use the wet sponge.


When you wipe the other way, the sponge flap remains closed and the twin wipers can be used to clear the residue.


This highly absorbent sponge holds many times its own weight in fluid. The sponge slides out for rinsing; replacement sponges are available. It's a winner.


This elastic digit strap is designed to anchor the Visorcat on your thumb or index finger.


The Ladderloc® buckle and strap secures the Visorcat to your glove so it's safe as houses! However it's a second to loosen it if you need to take your glove off in a hurry - and no need to undo it completely, so Visorcat can stay on your glove.

Visorcat in 360